histology within minutes
Stain-free and section-free

Refined Lasers offers a novel technology for stain-free tissue diagnostics within minutes. Based on a stain-free yet molecular-specific microscope, our histology solution delivers tissue images with H&E-equivalent contrast from freshly excised, thick specimens. Without the need for time-consuming staining or sectioning, our solution allows minimizing the time required for a reliable diagnosis to just a few minutes.

H&E image of breast cancer tissue.

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Dez 23

Happy holidays!

Before the year comes to an end, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your trust and partnership. We wish you joyful holidays, a lot of time to rest, time for fun and time for your loved ones.

It has been a very exciting year 2023 for Refined Laser Systems. First and foremost, we have expanded our team to 12 team members, allowing us to significantly accelerate our development and achieve great results. Alongside this, in 2023 we exhibited at global events, collaborated with exceptional project partners, delivered several laser systems, and most importantly had a lot of fun on the way.

We look forward to 2024. Stay tuned, there is much more to come!

P.S.: The beautiful cells making up the Christmas tree were captured with our new Noctua imaging system. Label-free SRS imaging allows to image and highlight cell nuclei, cell bodies, and much more, all without the need for fluorescent labels.


Nov 23

EPIC Meeting on Photonics assisted Cancer Pathology and Surgery

I am delighted to represent Refined Laser Systems GmbH at the EPIC Meeting on Photonics assisted Cancer Pathology and Surgery at University Hospital Antwerp to be held on 29-30 November in Antwerp, Belgium. I will present our clinical compatible mobile prototype for label-free histopathology directly in the operating theatre. 


Jun 23

Laser World of Photonics trade fair

Live from the trade fair floor! We’re thrilled to announce our presence at the Laser trade fair, World of Photonics in Munich, which kicks off today! Drop by Booth B2.122 to join us as we delve into the exciting world of Refined Lasers and groundbreaking imaging technique.

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