histology within minutes
Stain-free and section-free

Refined Lasers offers a novel technology for stain-free tissue diagnostics within minutes. Based on a stain-free yet molecular-specific microscope, our histology solution delivers tissue images with H&E-equivalent contrast from freshly excised, thick specimens. Without the need for time-consuming staining or sectioning, our solution allows minimizing the time required for a reliable diagnosis to just a few minutes.

H&E image of breast cancer tissue.

Latest news


Jun 23

Workshop on Chemical Imaging

We are in Boston this week for the 2023 Workshop on Chemical Imaging, where renowned Prof. Cheng is demonstrating how our stimulated Raman imaging system enables highly specific imaging of living cells without fluorescent labels. By stimulating intrinsic molecular bonds in the sample, we can provide new insights into cellular processes such as lipid metabolism or pharmacokinetics.


Mai 23

HTGF Family Day 2023

We had an amazing time at the HTGF Family Day this year! As a HTGF portfolio company, we were thrilled to participate in this annual event and connect with our investors, potential new investors, and other startups.

The HTGF Family Day was a great opportunity for us to showcase our products, network with other entrepreneurs, and gain valuable insights from industry experts. We particularly enjoyed the workshop on bringing a product to the medical market.

We’re grateful to be a part of such an innovative and supportive community, and we’re excited to continue building our company with the help of HTGF and others.


Apr 23

Focus on Microscopy

We are at the FOCUS ON MICROSCOPY conference in Porto this week! Our team is thrilled to present our novel NOCTUA stimulated Raman imaging system, which allows for highly specific imaging of living cells without the need for fluorescent labels. By exciting intrinsic molecular bonds in the specimen, we can provide novel insights into cellular processes like lipid metabolism and pharmacokinetics. Come meet Niklas Lüpken and Max Brinkmann to see how we can upgrade your microscope and take your research to the next level!

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