histology within minutes
Stain-free and section-free

Refined Lasers offers a novel technology for stain-free tissue diagnostics within minutes. Based on a stain-free yet molecular-specific microscope, our histology solution delivers tissue images with H&E-equivalent contrast from freshly excised, thick specimens. Without the need for time-consuming staining or sectioning, our solution allows minimizing the time required for a reliable diagnosis to just a few minutes.

H&E image of breast cancer tissue.

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Feb 23

PW Exhibition 2023

Photonics West exhibition is in full swing and a big success for us. Stop by our booth 3342 to learn about
High purity single photon generation with our Picus Q, tunable picosecond laser.
Label-free, chemically specific cell and tissue imaging with our stimulated Raman imaging solution.


Jan 23

Refined Laser Systems raised 2.7 Mio. € to diagnose cancer in minutes

Very exciting news from Refined Laser Systems! We’ve developed an innovative microscopy procedure that can support pathology in diagnosing cancer within minutes and avoid revision surgeries. With funding led by High-Tech Gründerfonds and APEX Ventures, alongside Onsight VenturesNRW.BANK, Papst Venture Capital, we’re able to develop an intraoperative microscope that identifies tumor margins directly in the surgery room. With a diagnosis within minutes by a remote pathologist and AI assistance, we’re changing the game for cancer diagnosis. We are very grateful for the support and guidance of our investors and business angels, including Thomas Merk, former EVP of leading laser manufacturer Coherent, Hans-Michael Hauser, former partner at BCG, and biophotonics expert Dr. Werner Falkenstein. A huge thank you to our team, mentors, friends, and supporters for helping us reach this great milestone!

Full press release:



Jan 23

Photonics West 2023

Exciting news! At this year’s Photonics West, Refined Laser Systems will be sponsoring the Advanced Chemical Microscopy conference. We’re looking forward to many exciting talks about stimulated Raman imaging and its fascinating applications.

We’re particularly excited to showcase the newest improvements of our Stimulated Raman Imaging technology in our talk 12392-56 and at our booth 3342. Don’t miss the opportunity to see us in action and learn more about our innovative solutions. See you at Photonics West!

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