histology within minutes
Stain-free and section-free

Refined Lasers offers a novel technology for stain-free tissue diagnostics within minutes. Based on a stain-free yet molecular-specific microscope, our histology solution delivers tissue images with H&E-equivalent contrast from freshly excised, thick specimens. Without the need for time-consuming staining or sectioning, our solution allows minimizing the time required for a reliable diagnosis to just a few minutes.

H&E image of breast cancer tissue.

Latest news


Sep 21

New publication

Our first laser prototype has been running reliably since 2018 at the University of Münster and is delivering exciting results.

Check out the recent publication of Prof. Fallnich and his team, showing hyperspectral SRS imaging with the laser. Great work by T. Würthwein, K. Wallmeier, N. Lüpken, and N. Lemberger.


Sep 21

New publication

A very simple yet powerful image showing a contrast enhancement by a factor of almost 20 in label-free imaging.

The image is part of the recent publication by Thomas Würthwein and Kristin Wallmeier from the University of Münster, investigating the details of our PICUS DUO laser for frequency modulated CARS/SRS.


Sep 21

New publication

Conor Evans at the Massachusetts General Hospital and his team are using our PICUS DUO for monitoring active pharmaceuticals in skin. Check out their article about the advantages of our PICUS DUO for label-free imaging of complex and dynamic samples.

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