Sep 21

New publication

A very simple yet powerful image showing a contrast enhancement by a factor of almost 20 in label-free imaging.

The image is part of the recent publication by Thomas Würthwein and Kristin Wallmeier from the University of Münster, investigating the details of our PICUS DUO laser for frequency modulated CARS/SRS.


Sep 21

New publication

Conor Evans at the Massachusetts General Hospital and his team are using our PICUS DUO for monitoring active pharmaceuticals in skin. Check out their article about the advantages of our PICUS DUO for label-free imaging of complex and dynamic samples.


Sep 21

EPIC interviewed our CEOs

EPIC, the European photonics industry consortium, talked to our CEOs, Tim Hellwig and Max Brinkmann, about the journey of Refined. Read the full interview at


Jul 21

Start-Up of the Week

Refined Lasers was selected as Start-Up of the Week by Wirtschaftswoche magazine. Take a look at our published elevator pitch here.


Jun 21

Refined at Photonics+ online conference

Talk to us at our booth at Photonics+ starting on 29th June. Sent us a message if you still need a ticket.


Jun 21

CLEO Europe and ECBO conferences

On 20 – 24 June we are participating in the CLEO Europe conference and the European Conference on Biomedical Optics.

Watch our presentations CH-3.5 and ETu4B.2 on how our laser technology is helping to establish coherent Raman imaging for point-of-care diagnostics in clinical settings.

If you missed our presentations, please contact us and we will send you a copy of the recordings.


Mrz 21

Focus On Microscopy conference

On March 28 – 31 we are participating in the FOM2021 online conference and are excited about another opportunity to discuss coherent Raman imaging and its advantages for live cell and tissue imaging.

Join us under FOM2021 and watch our two contributions:

Enhanced Sensitivity of Coherent Raman Imaging by a Frequency Modulated Portable Light Source.

Multicolor Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy with a Widely Tunable Portable Ligth Source.


Mrz 21

Photonics West 2021 resume

Photonics West 2021 was another success for Refined Laser Systems. Although we missed meeting you in person, we had fruitful and enjoyable discussions. We were particularly happy to see the many advances in the field of coherent Raman imaging and look forward to contributing to the further development of this promising field.

If you have missed our talks
11656-32: Multicolor stimulated Raman scattering microscopy with a widely tunable portable light source
11655-41: Coherent Raman imaging with enhanced sensitivity by a frequency-modulated portable light source
please contact us and we will send you a copy of the recordings.


Mrz 21

Conference co-sponsor

Refined Lasers is very proud to co-sponsor the Advanced Chemical Microscopy for Life Science and Translational Medicine 2021 conference during Photonics West 2021.

If you have missed our live talk on SRS microscopy with our PICUS DUO fiber laser, you can check out the recorded contribution.


Dez 20

Refined at Photonics+ exhibition

Refined Laser Systems GmbH will be exhibiting at the EPIC PHOTONICS+ virtual exhibition and present its latest innovations! Pre-register now to talk about our fiber-delivered picosecond pulses rapidly tunable from 750 – 1550 nm in milliseconds.